Contentment and even Happiness – 285

The Suggested Al-Anon Welcome says, in part “… it is possible to find contentment, and even happiness, whether the alcoholic is drinking or not.” How can this happen? I was recently talking with an Al-Anon friend whose loved one had relapsed. My friend wondered if it was possible to have a life that wasn’t full…

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Sponsorship: a prompt – Episode 140

Do you have a sponsor? Do you sponsor others in the program? How has your sponsor supported your recovery? How has being a sponsor supported and enriched your recovery? Tell us about it! Two of us share our experience as a sponsor, and of being sponsored, and then challenge you to share your experience, strength,…

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gratitude attitude – a meditation

  Many’s the time that we feasted And many’s the time that we fasted Oh, well, it was swell while it lasted We did have fun and no harm done And thanks for the memory   Ella Fitzgerald — Thanks for the Memory At a recent meeting, the lead topic was gratitude. As  people started to…

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