Slogans part 1 – Episode 131

Maybe you’ve heard some of these slogans. “Easy does it.” … “How important is it?” … “Think” … “Let go and Let God.” Spencer and Eric talk about some slogans, guided by these questions. What did you think about these slogans when you first came to the program? Was there a particular slogan that you…

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Getting Started in Al-Anon – Episode 49

Are you new to Al-Anon? Do you wonder what to expect? What you should do immediately? What are the challenges we face early on? Does Al-Anon have its own “culture”? Then you’ve come to the right place, because today, we’re going to talk about getting started in Al-Anon. Spencer and guest host Wendy talk about…

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just for today – a meditation

  “Just for Today” — Al-Anon slogan A recent meeting focused on the slogan, “Just for Today.” As is often the case, I heard something new in the lead and the shares that followed. I have always mixed up “Just for Today” and “One Day at a Time”, feeling that they said pretty much the…

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