Knowing myself – Episode 177

Start where you are. When change comes, as it always does, it helps to know who you are. Why is it important to know “who I am”? What does it mean to know “who I am”? How have the Steps helped me in knowing myself? (Step 4 is the obvious one, but what about the others?)…

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living fully here and now – a meditation

  We are not to retreat from life, pinning our hopes on ‘elsewhere,’ but to know that we will come to that final destination best by living fully here and now, be it through joy, or pain, or a mix of both. – Madeleine L’Engle, The Rock That Is Higher I spent much of my…

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Self Acceptance and Self Esteem – Episode 36

Do you often judge yourself? Do you internalize the criticism of others?  Are you afraid they are right? Are you unable to like yourself? Then listen as Swetha, Spencer, and special guest host Erika talk about self acceptance and self esteem. We share our experience, strength, and hope around questions such as these: What is…

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