Inaction and Reaction: Navigating the Path to Meaningful Action – 403

In our lives, we often find ourselves faced with situations that require us to make decisions. We have a choice to either react impulsively or take a moment to consider our actions. This interplay between inaction and reaction can shed light on how we navigate life’s complexities. Let’s delve deeper into the concepts of inaction,…

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Don’t React – Episode 242

Do you find yourself reacting without thinking? Does anxiety impel you to action? How can you pause and not react? A listener wrote in with these questions. How do I not act (or react) on the first impulsive thought or feeling? How do others sit with uncomfortable feelings? How do I act on God’s will…

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Triggers – Episode 92

Do words and events throw you into your past? Do you get angry when it’s inappropriate? What are triggers and how do they affect us? Spencer and Akilah talk about our experience of triggers and how the 12 steps have lessened their impact on our lives. We had a few basic questions to guide our…

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