exhale – a guest meditation from Scotty B

      The most important stage of breathing is the exhale. — an anonymous runner     A runner said the most important stage of breathing is the exhale. A complete exhale leaves me room to breath in fully. When I expel all the carbon-dioxide, there is room for what works best; oxygen (and…

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feeling – a meditation

      If I stuff my feelings, they never go away. — Anonymous         I spent some time yesterday just feeling my feelings. As I grieve, I have many feelings. Sometimes these come together, sometimes in sequence, some coming, some going, and coming back. There is pain of loss. There is…

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grieving small things – a meditation

  I am invited to grieve with every change in life. Often I ignore the invitation, deciding the particular change is “no big deal” or telling myself “I can handle this.” Sometimes the culmination of all the “little” changes I haven’t addressed hits me all at once. I find myself overreacting to a person or…

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