Just for Today

Fear – 327

What do you fear? What tools do you use to let go of, move through, and live with fear? Barb joins me to talk about fear. We had scheduled this conversation before the Corona Virus pandemic was declared, but it seems so appropriate now. We roughly followed this outline. What fears did you have before…

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Feelings – Episode 169

Have you ever felt controlled by your feelings? What feelings could you identify in the past? How do you balance feelings and facts? Were you able to identify feelings (before recovery)? What did you feel? Did you feel? Did you think that certain feelings were “good” and others were “bad”? Did it seem you had…

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just for today – a meditation

  “Just for Today” — Al-Anon slogan A recent meeting focused on the slogan, “Just for Today.” As is often the case, I heard something new in the lead and the shares that followed. I have always mixed up “Just for Today” and “One Day at a Time”, feeling that they said pretty much the…

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