The Impact of Isolation — 335

Humans are “obligatorily gregarious”. We need other people. When we don’t have the connections we need, we suffer. We suffer emotionally with depression, anxiety, and hyper-vigilance. But we can also suffer physically with symptoms like high blood pressure and heart disease. In these days, we are all isolated. Some more, some less. Our usual ways…

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Recovery in a time of Isolation – 325

Are you “sheltering in place”? How are you able to participate in recovery when you can’t meet face to face with other members? Spencer and Marylou discuss how they are experiencing recovery during this time of isolation and “sheltering in place” during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our conversation was sparked by an email that Marylou sent…

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Intimacy – Episode 141

Intimacy requires dialog, transparency, vulnerability and reciprocity; it is sustained through well-developed emotional and interpersonal awareness; it comes from a center of self-knowledge and self differentiation; and it evolves through reciprocal self disclosure and candor. Spencer recently was a speaker at an open panel meeting titled “The Effects of Alcoholism and Addiction on Intimacy and…

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