Holiday Toolkit – 311

What’s in your holiday toolkit? Do you dread spending holidays with family? What tools have you found to make the experience tolerable or even joyful? (Realistic) expectations. Recognize when you are feeling stressed (HALTS?) Escape plans. Literature. Locate and plan to attend meetings if you will be out of your usual area. Phone list. Arrange…

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Holiday Expectations – Episode 229

As we enter into a season where many of us are celebrating an end of the year holiday — Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, New Year — what expectations do we have? What anxieties does this season provoke? Do you look forward to spending time with family, or dread it? Or are you spending this time alone?…

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Holiday Survival Kit – Episode 134

Do you dread the holidays? Do they bring out the worst in you or your loved ones? Are you not sure how you’re going to survive visiting (or visits from) your family? What is in your holiday survival kit? Here are some items from my and my friends’ holiday survival kits: Plan ahead Take Al-Anon literature…

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