March Roundup 2019 – Episode 283

Have you attended an AA or Al-Anon convention? My wife and I went to the March Roundup in Detroit, so I thought I’d give you a little trip report. If you haven’t been to a convention, I encourage you to find one near you and go. Not only is it fun, but a weekend of…

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In all our affairs: Step 1 plus dementia – Episode 265

Step 12 asks us to “practice these principles in all our affairs”. This has led me to a new insight into how Step 1 is active in my life today. In a recent meeting, we read the Step 1 chapter from our book Paths to Recovery. I had recently returned from visiting my parents. I suddenly…

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Dancing with Dementia – Episode 161

How is living with alcoholism like living with dementia? Can I use what I have learned in one, with the other? The sermon was titled “Dancing with Dementia”. “What perfect timing!” I thought, as I was sitting down. This week I will be visiting my parents, who may or not have diagnosed dementia, but who are definitely…

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