How to Listen

There are several ways you can listen to The Recovery Show. These include the following:

  • Play in your web browser.
  • Play through iTunes on your computer.
  • Subscribe with iTunes or Podcasts app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
  • Subscribe using a podcast app on your Android phone or tablet.

 Listen online

Each episode of The Recovery Show has a “play” button embedded. You can click on this button and listen to the show in most web browsers. This should work on your smart phone or tablet, too. Because our episodes are long, you might want to use this method only when you are connected by Wi-Fi if you are using a phone or tablet. The play button should appear just below the episode title, as shown below:

When you click on the play button, it should expand into a player. The exact appearance of the player will depend on your browser and the computer you are playing it on. Here is what it looks like on my computer:

Listen or subscribe in iTunes

To subscribe or listen in iTunes, visit the Subscribe page and click or tap on the “on iTunes” button. Your computer should open iTunes, where you will be able to listen or subscribe to the podcast. If you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, tapping the “on iTunes” button should open either the iTunes app or the Podcasts app. Here, you can listen to episodes online, download episodes for later listening, or subscribe so that new episodes will be automatically downloaded.

Listen or subscribe on an Android phone or tablet

To listen or subscribe to The Recovery Show on an Android phone or tablet, visit the Subscribe page and tap on the “on Android” button. If you already have a podcast app on your Android device, it should automatically subscribe you to the podcast using your app. If not, it will take you to a page with some suggested podcast apps. I did this recently on my LG tablet so I could give you step by step instructions.

Listen with Stitcher Radio

Listen on Stitcher

Stitcher is an award-winning, free mobile app that lets you listen to all your favorite shows, plus discover the best of news, entertainment, and sports on demand. Listen to whatever you want, whenever you want, with one free app. With Stitcher, there’s no downloading, no syncing, and no wasted memory. Stitcher is available for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, Kindle Fire, Blackberry, and on your desktop. You can link to your Facebook account and comment on the shows you listen to.