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Domestic Violence and Other Unacceptable Behavior – 356

If Acceptance is the key to serenity, what do you do about unacceptable behavior and domestic violence? Kathy H joined the Recovery Show to talk about her experience with domestic violence, and the strength and hope she has found in recovery. We started with some definitions for unacceptable behavior and domestic violence. Definitions Definition of…

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A Son’s Addiction – 355

How can recognizing powerlessness over a child’s addiction make it easier to detach and not enable them? Jacob joins us to tell his story and how he stopped trying fruitlessly to fix his son’s addiction. He picked a couple of readings from ODAT — Jan 29 and Feb 11, saying that they have been and…

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Making Decisions – 354

Do you have trouble making decisions? What have you learned in recovery helps you make decisions? Eric, Spencer, and several of you share about indecision and making decisions. Our conversation was guided by these questions. Definition:  a choice that you make about something after thinking about several possibilities the ability to decide quickly and without…

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Voices – 353

What is on your mind? This episode is built from your voices, sharing your experience, strength, and hope. Sharing your dilemmas and questions. Readings and Links Some of you sent suggestions of books or other resources. Many Voices, One Journey Al-Anon’s story of growth and recovery as experienced by individual members and the fellowship as…

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Inner Child – 352

How is your Inner Child? What can you do to heal its hurts and help it grow? Becky joined Spencer to talk about how she has come to know and heal her inner child. Our conversation was guided by these questions. I’m not really familiar with inner child work, can you tell me briefly what…

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