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Sympathy, Empathy, and Compassion – 361

Tradition 5 tells us that part of our recovery is in finding compassion for our alcoholic friends and relatives. What is compassion, and how is it different from sympathy or empathy? Definitions (from To feel sympathy, it means you are able to understand what the person is feeling.  Empathy is viscerally feeling what another…

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Music in Recovery – 360

How has music supported you in recovery? What inspiration do you find there? Are there certain songs that have become the soundtrack of your life? Sonia Lee is a singer and song writer in recovery. We talked about her recovery journey and her recovery songs. Sonia’s recovery started when she realized she was alcoholic. But,…

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The Effects of Recovery – 359

How have you experienced the effects of alcoholism or addiction transforming into the effects of recovery? Colleen suggested this topic, writing “we often hear about the effects of this disease, but I’ve never heard the phrase, the effects of recovery. It has really made me reflect, as I have found over the past couple of…

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Al-Anon after Divorce – 358

What is it like to keep working your recovery program after divorcing? Pat joined Spencer to talk about her experience. She fully recognizes that both she and her ex-husband contributed to the factors leading to their divorce. She says that she “did not want my relationship to be the example to my children of what…

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CODA saved her life – Geraldine – 357

Can CODA help when you grow up in dysfunction, and then love a controlling, gaslighting partner as an adult? As a child, Geraldine lived in fear of her mother’s anger, which often resulted in beatings. She became her siblings’ protector, and felt that it was her job to soothe her mother’s moods, and to take…

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