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Step 12 – 392

The only promise in the 12 steps is contained in Step 12. It promises that if we work these steps, that we will have a spiritual awakening. Then it asks us to then carry the message, and practice the principles of recovery in all our affairs. Step 12 is really composed of 3 parts. Let’s…

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The power of stories – 391

We all have stories. In Al-Anon we tell our stories to each other. Why do we do this?  Our suggested welcome suggests that “we say what is in our minds and hearts, for this is how we help one another in Al-Anon/Alateen.” In fact the full paragraph emphasizes the importance of sharing our stories Anonymity…

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Gratitude 2022 – 390

What are you grateful for today? I asked that question of some listeners. 16 of you responded with shares, which I have compiled here. Many of you expressed gratitude for recovery, for Al-Anon and other 12 step programs, and for the changes in your lives that have come about. You are grateful for the people…

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Four Primary Ideas – 389

What are the four primary ideas? How have they been active in my recovery?. Readings and Links We read from the 2022–2025 Al-Anon Alateen Service Manual, p. 20, “Four Primary Ideas” Upcoming topics You can contribute to our annual gratitude episode. What are you grateful for today? Please call us at 734-707-8795 or email feedback@therecovery.show with your…

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Recovery in the TV/Film Industry – 388

Lisa H is using her recovery tools as she is working in the TV and film industry. My stereotype, at least, of this industry is that it is full of “dysfunctional” situations and people. Lisa came to Al-Anon when her therapist told her that although there was likely no alcoholism in her family of origin,…

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