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Finding Strength in Mutual Aid: Insights from Al-Anon’s Third Tradition – 409

Al Anon’s Tradition 3 emphasizes the gathering of relatives of alcoholics for mutual aid, forming an Al Anon family group rooted in shared experiences and support. Spencer elaborates on how this mutual aid creates a safe space where individuals facing the impact of addiction can find solace and understanding. The only requirement for membership is…

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A Deep Dive into Sharing in Meetings – 408

We find value in the shared experiences, wisdom, and support expressed in Al-Anon meetings. Sharing in meetings plays a crucial role in bolstering recovery, assisting in healing, and fostering a sense of community among attendees. However, we may hear instructions and conventions that seem challenging to adhere to at times. Why do we share? Sharing…

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Spencer T talk at 71st Greeley AA Stampede

In February, 2023, Spencer gave a talk at the 71st Greeley AA Stampede. This is that talk. Readings and Links The Greeley AA Stampede is an annual AA conference with Al-Anon participation. Find out more at their website. A listener asked about finding “speaker tapes” online. Two sources are XA Speakers and Recovery Radio Network….

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Listening to you – 406

Listen to the experience, strength and hope, questions, and fears of 30-ish listeners of The Recovery Show. Hear from members on topics such as these: Here are few moments that you might connect with: Sue wrote, “While listening to Debra C. share on your podcast, I realized she was telling my story. I took away…

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Working the Steps – 405

The 12 steps are indispensable in the journey towards healing. They can spark enlightenment, foster growth, and propel personal transformation. In this episode, Spencer, Karen, and other contributors explore several approaches to working the 12 steps. Acknowledging Variety and Personalizing the Process 12-step recovery does not have a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Members apply the steps to…

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