About The Recovery Show

We explore recovery through a 12-step lens. We share our experiences loving alcoholics, growing up with addicted parents, or trying to deal with lovers and friends afflicted by the diseases of addiction and alcoholism. We talk about the solutions that we have found, that have helped us to enjoy happier, more serene, more stable and centered lives.

Most of us have experienced recovery from the effects of other people's drinking and drugging, through the Al-Anon program. This is not an Al-Anon podcast, but we will talk about what we have experienced and learned through our participation in Al-Anon.

Who is listening, where?

We've been asked how many people listen to The Recovery Show. The answer to that question is actually hard to know. We have statistics on how many times each episode is downloaded, but because some of you listen to the same episode more than once, that number doesn't measure the number of listeners. That said, as of May, 2024, a typical episode has about 15,000 downloads after 30 days. Since the Recovery Show started in December, 2012, our listeners (you) have downloaded episodes over 7 Million times!

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3 comments on “About The Recovery Show

  1. Julie says:

    I LOVE your podcasts! They are such a wonderful resource for me between meetings. I find all of you to be incredibly insightful and relatable. I have shared information from & the links to your website/podcasts with many of my friends in recovery because it has been so helpful to me. Keep doing your amazing, wonderful work! It is so appreciated!!!

  2. Tanya says:

    So hello to you Spencer and your crew,

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your podcast – it has brought me sanity in times when I’ve found it difficult as an Adult Child of Alcoholics to make decisions. It’s brought me clarity in understanding about Boundaries, Isolation and about doing Recovery Abroad. It gave me courage to take steps and get out and meet people that I wouldn’t have done before. I’m so grateful.

    Your personal sharing is such service as it has helped me realise I’m not alone in facing my fears, my shame, my procrastination and my lack of responsibility/awareness at times. Despite all these, I am still perfectly imperfect and lovable, loving and loved by my HP.

    I listened to your podcast on Isolation for the second time and savoured being alone and being slow and being meditative. I missed a lot the first time I heard it and have come to learn that co-addicts have so much of the same traits as addicts. I find listening difficult and through the podcasts and the online meetings I’m attending as face to face are geographically almost impossible at present, I am becoming a better listener! Progress not perfection.

    I am about to start Step 4 and I’m apprehensive yet hopeful because of the recovery I hear on your podcast.
    I am frustrated by not yet having found a sponsor but all the different resources and speakers have made me aware that I have to do the work myself and rely and trust my HP to present the most suitable co-sponsors/outreach at that time.

    I’ve learned that this is an ongoing process. Thanks for your honesty and commitment – it is good modelling for me as I try to find the best balance in taking care of myself in my recovery.

    Warm wishes, in fellowship and in recovery,


  3. CLS says:

    The Recovery Show has been a gift to me! Thank you Spencer. I was so petrified, overwhelmed, ashamed, and feeling alone. You and your podcast gave me the courage and need to seek out a face to face meeting and begin working my program. Thank you thank you thank you. You don’t know what HOPE yours and others on the podcast words have given me.
    I am finding joy within myself that has been lost for so long. My vulnerabilities are now my super powers.
    Blessings to all of you and keep coming back!

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