Step One: Finding Strength in Surrender – 413

Spencer and Nora explore Step One of Al-Anon, which is about admitting powerlessness over alcohol and recognizing the unmanageability in one's life. They read from the book ‘How Al-Anon Works' and discuss how their lives have been impacted by others' alcoholism. Both hosts share personal anecdotes on their journey to accepting their lack of control and finding serenity through Al-Anon principles. The discussion aims to provide insights into the struggles and rewards of embracing Step One, with a highlight on the hope and relief that comes with surrendering illusions of control. 

Readings and Links

We read from How Al-Anon Works, chapter 8, pp. 45-47.

A listener mentioned episode 301 Geneviève – Together we can make it.

In listener feedback, there was some discussion of Blueprint for Progress, the Al-Anon 4th Step workbook, along with Paths to Recovery and Reaching for Personal Freedom, which are study guides for the 12 Steps, Traditions, and Concepts.

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