Listen to the experience, strength and hope, questions, and fears of 30-ish listeners of The Recovery Show. Hear from members on topics such as these:

  • Coping with the effects of addiction
  • The recovery process
  • Working the Al Anon program
  • Sponsorship in recovery
  • Understanding self-centered behavior
  • Acceptance of powerlessness
  • Reflections on past recovery experiences

Here are few moments that you might connect with:

Sue wrote, “While listening to Debra C. share on your podcast, I realized she was telling my story. I took away many things, but mainly that ‘hands off, pays off’ is my new mantra.”

Mike said, “If someone is trapped and has no resources or outside help, and has been through this before, they may fawn. That is, they may become compliant or even take the side of the oppressor to soothe, distract, or somehow deflect or minimize the harm that is coming their way.”

From another Sue, “[Your podcast] has helped me find a path into the spiritual side of the program. This is something I never expected to be possible for me.”

Mary said, “Al Anon taught me that his alcoholism is about him, not me, and also that I didn't cause it, can't control it, and can't cure it. But I sure can contribute to it. And I did do that by reacting in a way that was not helpful to him or me or the situation.”

Louise is “so grateful for the tools of recovery that have given me the ability to navigate the halls of alcoholism.”

There are many more moments such as these in the full episode.

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