Reaching and recognizing significant milestones is an integral part of the recovery process. Celebrating these moments of progress might include acknowledging the ability to set personal boundaries, letting go of blame, or embracing presence in the current moment. These victories, regardless of how small, contribute significantly to personal growth and healing, reinforcing the transformative power of recovery.

    What is a milestone? One dictionary definition says “A point in a chain of events at which an important change (as in one's fortunes) occurs.” Eric tells us about “waypoints”, which are a way of navigating a boat from one port to another. Waypoints are places along the route where you can measure your progress, and navigate from each one to the next. In a 12-step program, one set of waypoints would be the steps themselves, as they mark our journal of recovery. We navigate from each step to the next, as they build on each other.

    This episode has contributions from many listeners, who chose to share experiences such as these:

    • Experiencing an Emotional Breakthrough
    • Letting Yourself Off the Hook,
    • Surrender and Relapse,
    • Recognizing a Spiritual Awakening,
    • Finding Guidance Through a Cancer Diagnosis,
    • Gratitude for Recovery and Intervention Success,
    • Detaching with Love and Personal Growth,
    • The Benefits of Volunteering,
    • Finding a Relationship with a Higher Power,
    • Navigating Life with an Active Drinker,
    • Setting Boundaries and Seeking Help,
    • Finding the Right Sponsor,
    • Learning to Detach and Set Boundaries

    Readings and Resources

    We read from Courage to Change, June 24.

    Eric talked about a personal breakthrough and the song that was connected to it, “Give Me Your Eyes” by Brandon Heath. If you want to hear more about it, listen to Episode 380, Awareness and Acceptance, at about the 15 minute mark.

    A listener mentioned episode 387, Co-Crazy as an inspiration for her milestone.

    I used DALL-E to generate the image of “400 with wings” for this episode.

    Upcoming topics

    Did you attend the Al-Anon International Convention? We'd love to hear about your experience. You can send a voice memo or email to, or you can call and leave a voicemail at 734-707-8795.

    Music from the Show

    Brandon Heath – Give Me Your Eyes
    Fleetwood Mac – Landslide

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