What valuable lesson did you learn in 2022?

Our answers include:

  • Don't rush in at try to fix it!
  • How practicing these principles at work can lead to unexpected, great outcomes.
  • It begins with me!
  • Understanding my limitations and living within them.

Upcoming topics

Coming up is our 400th episode. Eric suggested the topic of milestones for that “milestone” episode. What can you identify as significant events or turning points in your travels on the road to recovery? Have you experienced such things as a breakthrough, or an achievement like completion of a difficult task or step (like the 9th, or 12th…). Have you experienced a miracle, Higher Power or spiritual awakening moment?

Record a voice memo and email it to feedback@therecovery.show. Send us an email. Or, call our voicemail at 734-707-8795.

Music from the Show

Listener Renee recommended this rendition of the “St. Francis Prayer”.

Olivia Newton John – Instrument of Peace

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