From Wounded to Empowered: Misti B’s Path to Forgiveness — 397

Misti's journey of self-discovery and forgiveness takes her through the depths of her family's addiction and abuse. Just as she begins to find inner peace, a shocking revelation forces her to confront the past and leaves her questioning everything she thought she knew. Will she find the courage to continue her journey towards healing and forgiveness?

In order to keep the fire for justice burning, we need to keep burning our wounds open as perpetual evidence. Living like this, it is impossible to heal. – Mark Nepo

The Book of Awakening

My special guest is Misti B.

Misti is a dedicated member of the recovery community who has experienced the healing power of forgiveness in her life. After navigating through her own family's addiction and abuse issues, Misti gained valuable insights that have allowed her to cultivate inner peace and let go of resentment. With a strong connection to the power of storytelling, she has been able to share her journey with others, providing hope and inspiration for those struggling with similar challenges.

Misti's story

The healing process was not an easy one for Misti B, but in time she discovered the power of true forgiveness. She learned that she didn't have to keep the pain alive to keep the truth alive. Through her journey in Al-anon, she found the strength to face her pain and take responsibility for her own happiness. When she called her mother to apologize and offer forgiveness, her mother's denial of the abuse only solidified Misti's resolve to let go of the resentment and continue on her path to healing. By embracing forgiveness, she was able to find her identity and inner strength, and ultimately transform her life.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Delve into the necessity of confronting pain and trauma for true healing and growth.
  • Embrace the transformative power of forgiveness for personal freedom and peace.
  • Recognize the essential role of vulnerability and acceptance in the act of forgiveness.
  • Understand how self-care and boundaries fit into a healthy and sustainable recovery process.

Resources in this episode

  • Read Mark Nepo's book, The Book of Awakening, for daily inspiration. Misti read the entry titled “About Forgiveness”, for September 28, on p. 317 in the 20th anniversary edition.
  • Attend Al-anon meetings to find support and begin the journey of recovery.
  • Consider engulfing oneself in recovery to heal from painful experiences.
  • Seek therapy to process and work through trauma.
  • Explore forgiveness as a way to exchange resentment for inner freedom.
  • Validate your own experiences and pain from the center out.
  • Let go of ledgers of injustice and retribution to regain feeling in your heart.
  • Imagine how the holy pieces of broken relationships can go together through love.
  • Consider requiring loved ones to be in recovery before reestablishing a relationship.

Upcoming topics

Our 400th episode is coming! Eric B suggested the topic of milestones for that “milestone” episode. What can you identify as significant events or turning points in your travels on the road to recovery? Have you experienced such things as a breakthrough, or an achievement like completion of a difficult task or step (like the 9th, or 12th…). Have you experienced a miracle, Higher Power or spiritual awakening moment ? Please record a voice memo or write a message and send it to Or you can leave a voicemail at 734-707-8795. You can join our conversation here by sharing your experience, strength and hope with your voice or email. We'd love to hear from you.

Music from the Show

Whitney Houston – Amazing Grace
Re-entry — Kristin Hoffman
Down to the River to Pray — Deanna Johnson

And for a bonus, here is the same song by Alison Kraus and Union Station

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  1. Wonderful episode! Thanks for sharing beautiful recovery!

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