Acceptance is a Gift of Recovery – 381

How is acceptance a gift of recovery for me?

In March, 2021, I gave a talk at an online conference. I tried to follow this outline.

What is acceptance?  What is it not? 

  • Not “giving up”
  • Not saying “this is ok”
  • Recognizing reality

How do I use acceptance?

  • Not “crying against the night”
  • Opening possibilities for change.
  • Doing the “next right thing”
  • Reduce expectations & resentments

Early acceptance: Step 1: Powerless over my loved one’s alcoholism.         

Recently: accepting my parents’ aging and illness.

Dementia: triggering because memory problems reminded me of the active drinking days.

Grief: losing the parents I had known for decades (all my life!)

Denial: it’s not that bad.


  • Wanting them to move into assisted living.
  • OK, now what?
  • Learning to enjoy the time I had with the people they were becoming.
  • Photo albums & videos
  • Caring for them physically


How have you experienced the gift of acceptance? Please call us at 734-707-8795 or email with your questions or experience, strength and hope. Or just leave a comment right here.

1 comment on “Acceptance is a Gift of Recovery – 381

  1. Denise Jackson says:

    Thank You, Spencer! This podcast is getting me thru.

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