Whether the Alcoholic is Still Drinking or Not – 377

Our suggested opening tells us that “we can find contentment, and even happiness whether the alcoholic is drinking or not.” How does this happen? How can we deal with the “isms” of the disease in a way that is healthy for ourselves?

Nancy joins Spencer to share how this has been true in her life.

Nancy came to “the rooms” when her son was in trouble with alcohol and drugs as a teen. At that age, she and her husband were able to make him go to treatment. Fast forward about 30 years, during which he lived a sober life.

Until he started struggling with depression and mental health issues, and eventually relapsed.

Nancy is grateful that she kept up her program in Al-Anon. Along with the support of a loving God, it helps her to maintain a relationship with her son, even when he pushes her away. She knows that she is doing, and has done the best she can to support him, without enabling, without “fixing”.

Readings and Links

Nancy read from Courage to Change, p. 124, May 3.

The reading she closed with, by Mitra Rahbar, is from Maria Shriver's The Sunday Paper, specifically in this edition. You can also read it in Mitra Rahbar's Facebook post.

Marylou shared a podcast episode with us, that touches on the importance of fellowship. The podcast is How to Human, the episode is a conversation with Kate Bowler, titled Chronic Uncertainty.

Upcoming topics

An upcoming topic is “Letting go”. How do you “LET GO”?   What is it we want to Let Go of?  Resentment? Blame? Worry? Fear? Control? All of them? Please call us at 734-707-8795 or email feedback@therecovery.show with your questions or experience, strength and hope. Or just leave a comment right here.

Music from the Show

Rascal Flatts – My Wish
Cyndi Lauper – True Colors
I Loved Him First – Joyce MacPhee

2 comments on “Whether the Alcoholic is Still Drinking or Not – 377

  1. Linda says:

    Complete random pick! As i was unable to sleep, I picked up my ear buds and phone to find a meditation that could help me fall asleep. After 5 or 10 minutes of meditations and still feeling restless, I went to your podcast and hit a random episode. To my surprise this very subject I am struggling with is being talked about. I am a fairly new member to this podcast but have listened to most if not all the episodes. This is the first one that covers my real life story. How does this happen in the middle of the night when i need it the most? I am also struggling with the idea of a higher power.. perhaps this is one of those moments that will help with that struggle.. Thank you so much for all you do in this podcast.. I cant tell you how very much this has helped me with those difficult moments . Pop on a podcast and the moment has passed .. ❤️

  2. Kay B says:

    I have listened to this show at least 8x. It totally speaks to my heart. So comforting to know of other families struggling with the ism’s of this horrible disease. The question “what if I die,?”
    Validates the reason to detach without guilt, and all the time my husband and I wasted on trying to put a ban-aid on the issue, only to make us feel better. We love our son. Thank you to both you and Nancy in Florida that has given the strength and encouragement I need.

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