What do you want to let go of? What is preventing you from completely letting go?

Eric was inspired by a meditation he heard on the Insight Timer app, titled She Let Go.

A very rough outline of our conversation follows:

  • What does it mean to let go?
    • Stop doing things that I don’t have the power to carry out (control someone else, e.g.)
  • What am I letting go of?
    • Resentment
    • Anger
    • Anxiety
    • Blame
    • Fear
    • Shame
    • Expectations
    • Catastrophizing the future
    • The past
    • The need to be right, to win, to control
    • Old behavior
    • “Need” to react to triggers.
    • Responsibility
    • Dependence on others
  • What tools do I have to help me let go?
    • Slogans
      • Let go and let God.
      • How important is it?
      • Would you rather be right or be happy?
      • Easy does it. (let go of anxiety)
      • One day at a time. (let go of worry)
      • Live and let live – let go of trying to live someone else’s life for them and live my own
    • Neutral responses
      • You could be right.
      • Oh.
    • Random thoughts
      • I have no dog in this fight.
      • Not my circus, not my monkeys!
      • Let go or be dragged.
    • Meditation
      • “Turned a 12-cylinder type A Leo into a 6 cylinder hybrid. Learned to slow down.”
    • “Why?”
      • “Drill down” to find something I can actually do something about. Example: I am afraid of my loved one’s drinking. Why? I am afraid that I will lose them. Why? I am afraid of being alone.
  • When I let go of things I don’t like, I make room for new things (hopefully better things) to come in.
  • Recognize “alcoholic” behaviors
    • Provoke conflict
    • Create anxiety
  • When I let go of other people’s stuff, I can live my own life.

Readings and Links

We read from Reaching for Personal Freedom, the Step 1 chapter; Courage to Change, March 5.

The poem “She Let Go” was written by Safire Rose, and you can listen to it on Insight Timer, read by Jack Godsman.

Al-Anon books can be purchased online at the Al-Anon Store.

Patti asked about episodes on regaining trust. There are 3 about trust: How do you trust? – Episode 281, Trust and Trustworthy – Episode 228, and Trust – Episode 91. In addition, this search turns up other shows where trust was a topic in some respect: https://therecoveryshow.com/tag/trust/ 

Jillian asked about all the songs we've suggested. Many of them are in The Recovery Show playlists on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/therecoveryshow

Upcoming topics

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Music from the Show

Idina Menzel – Let It Go
The Beatles – Let It Be

Donna wrote to recommend this Al-Anon talk. She said “I found it captivating, helpful, and hilarious.”

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