How do you practice awareness and acceptance? How have they helped you to take actions that change the things you can?

Eric and Spencer were invited to share at an online AA conference as the Al-Anon speakers. Eric chose to talk about awareness, and Spencer about acceptance. Naturally we both included the “3 A's”, Awareness, Acceptance, and Action.

The theme of the conference was The Language of the Heart, based on Bill W.'s writings for the The Grapevine, a monthly publication of Alcoholics Anonymous, as collected in a book titled The Language of the Heart.

Music from the Show

Edie Brickell & New Bohemians – What I Am
Jewel – Hands

2 comments on “Awareness and Acceptance – 380

  1. Alishiya says:

    Hi Spencer
    Thank you for that powerful episode.
    You spoke from your heart to ours.
    Your podcast is a source of hope and guidance for me .
    Thank you to all of your guests .
    Thank you .

  2. Pauline G says:

    Thank you Eric and Spencer
    I feel more awake having heard the experience strength and hope in your witness of love. The language of the heart is powerful indeed.
    Blessings on your service and recovery a day at a time

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