Healing through Writing – 369

Lisa grew up in alcoholism, addiction and abuse. She is finding healing through writing a novel.

Content warning: Lisa talks about some of the abuse she survived as a child.

Here are some of the questions that guided our conversation.

  • Please tell us your story.
  • What inspired you to write?
  • How are your experiences reflected in your protagonist?
  • What did you learn about yourself while writing it?
  • How has writing helped you to heal?
  • What is your wish for someone reading your book?

For that last question, Lisa has different goals for 3 different groups of readers. She says,

From How Al-Anon Works an excerpt from Chapter 28 about perfectionismFor those in recovery, I hope it’s a story they could relate to.

For those who don’t realize they are living in an emotionally abusive home at the hand of alcoholism, maybe some of Carla’s experience will resonate with them and that this behavior is damaging and not okay and perhaps they will reach out to Ala-Teen or Al-anon to learn they didn’t cause, can’t cure, and can’t control, which is fancy recovery talk for, it’s not your fault!

And finally, for those not in recovery, to understand that an alcoholic doesn’t have to be a slurring derelict on the street or Miss Hanigan in Annie. Alcoholism is a sneaky and progressive family disease that affects every person in the house

Readings and Links

Lisa read from How Al-Anon Works an excerpt from Chapter 28 about perfectionism.

Lisa's book Slanted and Disenchanted is available from many places including Amazon. (I do receive a small commission if you purchase through Amazon.)

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Music from the Show

The Killers – All These Things That I've Done
Modest Mouse – Float On
Sufjan Stevens – (This is) The Thing

And a bonus: the song that introduced Lisa to punk.

Bikini Kill – Feels Blind

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  1. Chasity V says:

    Thank you so much for this episode and all the work put into the recovery show. Feeling so not alone

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