How is your Inner Child? What can you do to heal its hurts and help it grow?

Becky joined Spencer to talk about how she has come to know and heal her inner child. Our conversation was guided by these questions.

  • I’m not really familiar with inner child work, can you tell me briefly what it means for you?
  • Please share some of your story, so we can understand where you started.
  • What happened to bring you into recovery?
  • Tell us about your recovery journey.
  • How has working with your inner child helped you?
  • What tools have you learned and developed?
  • How have you integrated this work into your life?

Becky says that she is “perfectly imperfect”, and she tries to remind herself of that every day.

Readings and Links

The reading we opened with can be found in an essay by Brené Brown, titled “The Midlife Unraveling“.

Eric sent us a notice about the Connecticut State Al-Anon Convention, March 19-20, 2021.

Talk to us

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Music from the Show

Mary Lambert – Secrets
Tom Odell – Heal

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