Service in Al-Anon – 349

“When I got busy, I got better”. I’ve heard this as an encouragement to service in recovery. What is service, and how can it support my recovery?

Spencer and Ester talk about our experience with service, with support from almost a dozen listeners. Our discussion was guided by but certainly not limited to these questions.

  • What *is* service, anyway? What kinds of service are we talking about?
  • How have you given / experienced service in your recovery?
  • Why have you given service?
  • What have been your reasons for not giving service?
  • How do you balance service commitments with the “rest of your life?”
  • There’s a booklet titled “When I Got Busy, I Got Better”  What does this phrase mean to you? Have you experienced this? Why and how?
  • How has service changed your outlook in “all your affairs”?
  • Have you found service intrinsically rewarding? How might this differ from your earlier attitudes about “being of service” or “helping out”?

Readings and Links

We read from Courage to Change, September 7. The reading from the same book for October 2 was also mentioned. I don't recall if we mentioned the book When I Got Busy, I Got Better, but it is definitely relevant.

Upcoming topics

Eric suggested a new slogan “Don't engage with rage.” Please call us at 734-707-8795 or email with your questions or experience, strength and hope. Or just leave a comment right here.

Music from the Show

Simon & Garfunkel – Bridge over Troubled Water

1 comment on “Service in Al-Anon – 349

  1. Laurel says:

    This podcast has been a lifesaver. Thank you so much for your service. I’ve been a grateful member of Al-Anon for 5 years and this podcast has definitely supplemented my program and most definitely enhanced it. I listen while I get ready for work, while I commute to and from work and anytime I am walking in nature, even if I’m making supper. I am very grateful to you Spencer and all your guests! I especially enjoy your episodes with Eric. The episode Hands off Pays Off was especially meaningful to me. I could go on and on. I only found the podcast about a month ago and I’m so looking forward to listening to all episodes. I was looking for an episode on shame, being the parent of a child who was incarcerated, which is what initially lead me to Al-Anon, but it looks like that was an archived episode which I couldn’t access. Anyway, thanks again!!

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