Calming the Anxiety — 344

This has been a rough week for many of us in the United States, and outside the United States. As political processes wind their way through; as the pandemic is escalating; I wanted to take a moment to think about the ways in which I have used, and in which you can use program tools to survive, maybe thrive, or at least not go nuts, during this time.

What tools did I use?

  • Meditation
  • Acceptance
  • Taking care of myself — taking a mental health day
  • Not obsessing
  • Breathing
  • My Dog

What things did I do that were not so healthy?

  • Stress eating
  • Stress drinking
  • Too much screen time.

How have you used the program to help you calm your anxiety?

1 comment on “Calming the Anxiety — 344

  1. Carole says:

    Thanks for your episode 344
    “Calm the anxiety ” And the reminder
    My tools don’t have to fix me , just move
    Me forward or keep me still thru the discomfort -That can be
    Enough! especially with multiple stressors&
    Best Regards

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