Fear and Anxiety – 324

In a recent online meeting, the almost unanimous choice of topic was fear and anxiety. We were all feeling it in one way or another. We started with a reading from Courage to Change, January 10. It talks about “mental static” of worry, and then says “I'm learning to focus all my attention on this very moment.”

Members on the call expressed different fears that they were experiencing, and different sources of anxiety. Of course, the corona virus situation is present for all of us, on top of whatever is going on in our individual lives. And we are each meeting our anxiety in different ways.

We who are in recovery have spent, in some cases, years developing the ability to “let go and let God”; to focus on the present moment; to put “first things first”; to know that we need only “do the next right thing”; and to find gratitude in the midst of chaos and uncertainty. I can take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the natural world, and for that to lift me, however briefly, from my fears.

This short episode was recorded on my phone, sitting in my car outside my parents' house. The photo above is a view from their property.

4 comments on “Fear and Anxiety – 324

  1. Anne A says:

    Thank you for this reminder that we only have today and to find beauty and serenity in what is around us. I will pray for you and your family.

    1. Valerie Briere says:

      You brought me to tears n also made me smile!
      Every day is different. Every day is a blessing! Life is a blessing. As is end of life sometimes…
      Your dad I believe has led a good life.
      You talking about your sister n her worries, stopping to eat or drive through, buying gas…doesn’t that show us that life goes on? And not to worry about the small things? But alas we do.
      Take care. Positive thoughts to you

    2. Briana says:

      Thank you for doing this.

  2. Cecilia says:

    Thanks for your show.its GREAT!! The fear and anxiety make me lose perspective of the moment. Mainly I feel angry and frustrated without a way to express it. There’s nothing to do with anger. It eats at me. Makes it hard to enjoy anything. I feel like Joy has been stolen.
    Thanks for your show. It consistently keeps me in step 2.

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