What does it mean to “Surrender to Win”? Have you had this experience? Barb and Spencer dig into these questions.

  • How does this topic of “surrender to win” speak to you?
  • A definition of surrender is “to give up completely or agree to forgo especially in favor of another”
  • What have you given up completely? 
  • What have you forgone?
  • A definition of surrender that I have heard in recovery is “to join the winning side.” How does this change your concept of surrender?
  • What are some things I might (have) surrender(ed) in recovery
    • The illusion of control over alcoholism
    • My will (Step 3)
    • Always doing things “my way”
    • Forcing solutions
    • Trying to control outcomes 
    • The idea that I can recover alone 
    • “self-sufficient hell”
    • The wish to change the past — what happened in family growing up.
    • Perfection 
  • What do I surrender to?
    • This program of recovery.
    • The care of my higher power.
    • God’s will. 
  • How has surrender given me “the win”?

Readings and Links

We read from

Adult Children of Alcoholics, the “Big Red Book,” p. 120

Hope for Today, April 7, p. 98

How Al-Anon Works, p. 46-47

From Survival to Recovery, p. 267

We mentioned the episode on perfection, procrastination and paralysis, number 219.

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Music from the Show

John Moreland – Latchkey Kid
The Avett Brothers – Tell The Truth
The Avett Brothers – True Sadness
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