Peggy G – Speaker – 317

Today, I’m sharing with you a talk by Peggy G.

I hope you’ll enjoy Peggy’s sense of humor as much as I did. Peggy talks about feeling rejected as a child and about getting married early after “finding love in the back seat of a Ford.” She felt she had a “hole in her gut” and tried many things to fill it (booze didn’t do the trick for her.)

She speaks of, for the first time, being desperate enough to make “a sincere prayer to the God I didn’t understand.” Eventually, she found her second husband, “Mr. Wonderful”. Of course, he was an alcoholic. I’m sure some of you will identify with each of the things she did to try to get him to stop drinking. And when she felt “I wish [he’d] just get, just get dead somewhere without hurting anybody else.” You may be right there with her when she hit her bottom after an emotional blackout. 

But of course, that’s not the end of her story, it’s the beginning of the rest of it. I had tears in my eyes when she described finding compassion for her daddy and making amends to him as he lay in his coffin.

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1 comment on “Peggy G – Speaker – 317

  1. Rhonda says:

    I could relate to Peggy. Thank you for sharing Iv been working my program for a long time. I will always be in recovery.

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