This episode is created by your voices, both written and recorded.

  • Sam asks why some members shy away from service, while she finds it a vital part of her recovery.
  • Penelope and Jessica found value in Episode 308, Program Tools.
  • Natalie asks for some experience, strength, and hope, living with active alcoholism while maintaining a healthy relationship. Ann has similar questions, including how to keep the children safe, and what does detaching with love look like?
  • Sarah talks about the slogan “little by slow,” which I was not familiar with, and how it reminds her that recovery takes time.
  • A listener asked about the missing download link, which I have restored. It now looks like a little cloud with a downward pointing arrow.
  • Amy asks about Al-Anon e-books. There are 5 books currently available, and I hope that Al-Anon will add more. They are available via the Al-Anon website store.
    • How Al-Anon Works
    • Courage to Change
    • Having had a Spiritual Awakening
    • The Forum (monthly magazine)
    • Alateen—Hope for Children of Alcoholics
  • Free versions of the AA Big Book are available for Apple and Android.
  • Christa reminds us that “This too shall pass” also applies to the good things, which encourages her to enjoy every moment.
  • Alina shares her experience using the Serenity Prayer in daily life.

My thanks to all of you for helping me to create this episode.

Upcoming topics

A listener suggested the topic “Men in Al-Anon”. I'd particularly like to hear your experience as a man in Al-Anon recovery.

I am also preparing an episode tentatively titled “Holiday Toolkit”, and I'm looking to you to contribute the tools that you use to survive, or ideally, enjoy the holidays.

Please call us at 734-707-8795 or email with your questions or experience, strength and hope. Or just leave a comment right here.

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