The Recovery Show has reached the grand age of 300 … episodes. Or, if you prefer, over 6 1/2 years. I asked you to tell me what you found here, what brought you here, what keeps you coming back. And about 30 of you answered, with only about 2 weeks notice!

So, what did you find here? What are you saying in this episode 300?

You found voices speaking your experience. Voices expressing feelings you didn't know you had. Voices that opened corners of your mind you had forgotten were there. Voices of other people who have been where you are, and got through.

You found a moment of calm in the midst of a chaotic day. You found an escape from the unmanageability of your life, if only for an hour. You found ideas, concepts, slogans, quotes, and other tools that you could use today, that you could bring to bear on the problems you have right now. You found friends that accompany you on your long commute, during your workout, or when you need some calm.

You found a deeper exploration of the Al-Anon principles, steps, traditions, and concepts. You heard examples of others using these in “all their affairs” to deal with every day problems, and also to live with / through / after the effects of alcoholism and addiction on your life.

Some of you found a way into the rooms and meetings of Al-Anon and other recovery programs. You came to believe that you could be helped, and you got over your reluctance and fear of walking into a meeting. You had some idea what might happen there and why you wanted it. Others have difficulty making it to meetings because of distance or obligations to family or work. You found here a “meeting between meetings”, a “meeting in your pocket.”

It is amazing to me that this show has reached so many of you, that it has touched you in so many ways, and for some, so deeply. I have found friends here — those who have participated as guest hosts and those who have called or written to share their experience, strength, and hope. I honestly could not keep on doing this without you, whether you know it or not.

In short, we have all found some measure of recovery here. I have, and so have you. Happy 300.

Music from the show

Taylor Swift: Don't Blame Me

Blake Shelton: Savior's Shadow


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