How to Sabotage a Relationship – 299

In this recording from an IDAA (International Doctors in AA) conference in 2004, Tom and Gail H share their experience, strength and hope about how they sabotaged their relationship and how they repaired it in recovery.

Upcoming: our 300th episode

Our 300th episode is just around the corner! I’d love you to share how The Recovery Show has supported your recovery. Did we encourage you to go to your first meeting? Did a particular topic or guest inspire you or give you a new insight? We want to know!  Please call us at 734-707-8795 or email with your questions or experience, strength and hope. To be included in episode 300, please do so before August 10, 2019.


1 comment on “How to Sabotage a Relationship – 299

  1. Kenny G says:

    IDAA is a wonderful organization. It’s an organization that not just looks at the physician recovery, but the entire family. It includes Al-Anon, couples, Alateen, Ala-20’s and various other 12 step programs.

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