Gratitude 2018 – Episode 269

What are you grateful for in 2018?

Sure, I can write a gratitude list. I am grateful for those of you who sent in your expressions of gratitude.


I read from One Day at a Time in Al-Anon, May 5.

Kelly recommended a book, Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents, by Lindsay C. Gibson.

Cristianne ordered Knock Knock Okay Fine, I'm Grateful! Inner-Truth Journal.

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Music from the show

Sly & the Family Stone: Thankful n' Thoughtful

ZZ Top: I Thank You

Earth, Wind & Fire: Gratitude


1 comment on “Gratitude 2018 – Episode 269

  1. Jen says:

    Hi Spencer, Thank you for your podcast, which was a lifeline to me as I returned to counseling 25 years after my 4 year relationship with my alcoholic, who was also physically abusive. Inexplicable sadness, fear and panic attacks hit this year. I now realize that I left a physically abusive partner 25 years ago only to marry a controlling, financially and emotionally abusive partner 17 years ago. I am now facing the reality of my current marriage and a lifetime of feeling fear and dread about walking through the door of my home due to the family issues that waited there. Listening to your podcast helped me feel less panicked and alone. I am considering attending a local al-anon meeting again. My counselor and friends are lukewarm to the idea when I bring it up. What would you say to someone like me who is messy and a “cold case” but experiencing problems related to a relationship with an alcoholic from a long time ago that still affects me now? Thank you again for being a light in the darkness.

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