Tom W talk – Episode 250

This talk by Tom W, a member of Alcoholics Anonymous had so much recovery wisdom, I felt compelled to share it with you. I've heard it a few times already and every time, I get new insights. I was astounded to hear that a priest had trouble with Steps 2 and 3. And, his description of how the disease of alcoholism manifested itself in his life is worth the listen. (Originally recorded in 1997.)

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1 comment on “Tom W talk – Episode 250

  1. Byron TGIF says:

    Awesome podcast episode!

    Tom touched on several valuable subjects/topics – so much so I a podcast episode discussing some some of the things that Tom discussed could be worthwhile doing a deep dive. I especially likes his observations about how various 12 Meeting are formatted/organized and ran.

    I appreciate your Podcast episode introduction – very helpful to establish your narrative.

    12 Steps, AA and Big Book are crucial components of my recovery.

    My primary purpose is to stay sober and help other alcoholics and addicts to achieve sobriety.

    Byron TGI
    Grateful in Reseda, CA.
    Sobriety date 12/30/2014

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