Don’t React – Episode 242

Do you find yourself reacting without thinking? Does anxiety impel you to action? How can you pause and not react?

A listener wrote in with these questions.

How do I not act (or react) on the first impulsive thought or feeling? How do others sit with uncomfortable feelings? How do I act on God's will not my will? Letting time pass, a month or longer or a week or few days seems impossible when i am so anxious. How do you deal with that??

How also to know God's time as I'm a naturally impulsive person and have always done things fast. Any fear I have makes me say something I regret later or take action too soon, as i don't give myself enough time to write and meditate and breathe.

  • My first thought is about the “Al-Anon pause button”. But then, the question is: “How do I remember to use it?”
  • A couple of helpful slogans:
    • “How important is it?” (Courage to Change, August 15)
    • “First Things First” (How Al-Anon Works, Chapter 9)
  • The thing: It takes practice!
  • My experience with just about any “defect of character”
    • First I become aware of it.
    • Then, I notice it after I do it.
    • After a while, I notice it while I’m doing it.
    • Eventually, I’m able to notice when I’m about to do it.
  • Don’t “kick myself” while I’m trying to learn a new way to be.
  • Awareness, Acceptance, Action!
  • How to “sit with it”. The reading from Courage to Change, January 10 about worry may be helpful.

Our topic for next week is talking to small children about recovery. Please call us at 734-707-8795 or email with your questions or experience, strength and hope. Or just leave a comment right here.

Music from the show

Brad Sucks: Overreacting

Norma Jean: Reaction

Astrid S: Think Before I Talk

A TED talk

I mentioned this TED talk in “my week in recovery”.


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  1. Eric B says:

    Wow. Incredible episode Spencer. Absolutely spot on for me. Thank you.
    Eric B.

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