Fear of Financial Insecurity – Episode 236

find meDo you dread mail from your bank?
Are you anxious about paying the bills?
Can you see a “way out” of your financial situation?

  • What is my experience?
  • Ignoring the problem
    • We’re just fine.
    • Just use the credit card.
  • Cash advances
  • Balance transfer
  • Borrow from parents.
  • Take money from retirement (is this amends?)
  • Can I win the lottery??? (no)
  • Refinance the house.
  • Worry, anxiety, can’t sleep.
  • The problem is drinking — too expensive.
  • Bankruptcy?  No! Not an option!
  • Bank balance anxiety…
    • Don’t check it.
    • But be afraid of the envelope (later, the text message)
    • Step 6/7 — ask for help, and receive it.
  • How to recover? How to not be anxious all the time?
  • Sobriety helped, but not the only answer.
  • Make a plan to pay off credit card balances.
  • Tradition 7
  • General Warranties of the Conference In all proceedings the World Service Conference of Al-Anon shall observe the spirit of the Traditions:
    1. that only sufficient operating funds, including an ample reserve, be its prudent financial principle;
  • Where am I today?
    • Credit cards at zero.
    • Loans taken to pay off credit cards almost zero.
    • Home line of credit is the next target.
    • Student loans — refinance for lower interest. 5 years to go.
    • We were able to recarpet our home from savings, not credit!
    • But it took time.

Upcoming topics include parenting. In particular, if you are the parent of an alcoholic or addict, we'd love to hear your fears, experience, strength, and hope. Please call us at 734-707-8795 or email feedback@therecoveryshow.com. Or just leave a comment right here.


Courage to Change, Dec 11

How Al-Anon Works, Chapter 31 “Letting Go of a Loved One’s Alcohol, Drug, and Money Problems”

Music from the show

Hank Thompson – Six Pack to Go

Abba – Money, Money, Money

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis – Make the Money



2 comments on “Fear of Financial Insecurity – Episode 236

  1. Susanne K says:

    I’ve recently discovered your show. Episode 236 is so helpful. I struggle tremendously with fear regarding my partner’s financial irresponsibility. The reason I joined Alanon was due to his food, gambling and spending habits/addictions. You’ve encouraged me to consider what he might be feeling, even though he doesn’t discuss it. We listen to Dave Ramsey all the time but he refuses to go on a budget or implement any of the steps etc. I have worked through my anger, forgiveness and other issues post-financial infidelity and massive lies that brought the sheriff to the door with unexpected foreclosure papers. I had to separate our finances for self protection; he had depleted all of our savings, 401k and had our home in foreclosure. I was blindsided by it all! I’m active in All Recovery (12 step programs) striving to find serenity and I have come to understand God is my source, not this man. I have nearly 3 yrs. of sobriety now. He is currently in bankruptcy and I’m trying to support him through it. I believe God has asked me to stay until the end of the bankruptcy. We’ve been together 22 yrs. and I am trying to figure out if I need to just walk way from his addictions etc. Meanwhile, any and all tools are helpful. Thank you very much for your podcasts. I’m sure to listen to more of them.

    1. Melissa O says:

      Thank you for sharing your ESH! I’m at the point where I feel I need to split finances and it’s helpful to see that others have done it.

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