Fran G Open Talk – Episode 221

We present for you an open talk by Fran G., speaking in 1991.

1 comment on “Fran G Open Talk – Episode 221

  1. Diana says:

    Thank you for this episode. I love Fran G’s talk when I hear how much her thinking changed when in the program and working it and surrendering and trusting God and recognizing God moments I can so relate. The sharing of how alcholism is a Family disease but it is not a disgrace, I can so relate. Alanon has helped me just like it has helped Fran Thank you Fran G and Thank you Spencer for your service in this online program “The Recovery Show” it’s great to have these especially when in our area there is very little recovery in the rooms of Alanon but I know its progress not perfection and God has a plan and he is going to provide our Area with what we need for all to recovery.

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