Is humility the same thing as humiliation? How does humility help me change?

Definition from Merriam-Webster:  freedom from pride or arrogance :  the quality or state of being humble

  • What is the difference between humility and humiliation?
  • Some have compared humility to teachability. How do you understand this statement?
  • How does humility help keep me from trying to control people and situations?
  • How Al-Anon Works says “True humility is based upon letting go of self-will and relying instead upon the will of our Higher Power.”
  • In the “Lois’s Story” chapter in How Al-Anon Works, she writes, “‘Humbly’ was a word I never fully understood. It used to seem servile to me. Today it means seeing myself in true relation to my fellow man and to God.”
  • What is the connection between anonymity, as we practice it, and humility?
  • How is humility part of taking care of ourselves, rather than taking care of others?

Eric read from “The Paradoxical Power of Humility“.

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Music from the show

Melissa Etheridge: If I Only Wanted To

Tim McGraw: Humble and Kind

Mary Lambert: Secrets


2 comments on “Humility – Episode 208

  1. sujata says:

    hi Spencer
    as usual I am grateful for ur podcasts . In the 208 show you spoke about links to other postcards on itunes
    can you please share them on my email I could not find them in the podcast
    I am realizing every day that the family disease of alcoholism has been so deeply ingarined in me and my daughter that I keep on going backwards in my relationship with her every day
    Is there any way to get ACA help or information in India or better if in Mumbai
    The podcasts are helping me to recover my disease and I feel there is so much to learn from Al alon
    thanks sujata

    1. The Recovery Show says:

      Sujata — links are to the right of the page if you are using a computer, near the bottom on a phone. Look for the heading “Podcasts we like”.

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