A list of Neutral Responses

A list of Neutral Responses

A cleaned up version is available in Google Docs.

5 comments on “A list of Neutral Responses

  1. Campbell says:

    Here are three I often use.
    I don’t know
    You’ll figure it out.
    That’s too bad

  2. Morgan says:

    Can you please tell me where this is from?

    1. The Recovery Show says:

      I got this from Eric B. I’m not sure where he got it from. If I learn more, I will post it here.

      1. Hope says:

        Would love to know where it came from. Wondering is it a Forum reading at some point? Just want to know if it’s CAL. Thank you! <3

        1. The Recovery Show says:

          Eric responded that he got this “On a piece of paper at a state assembly. Never seen again”

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