Being Ready – Episode 189

Happiness withinWhy did I come to Al-Anon when I did? Or, to ask it a different way, why didn’t I come sooner? What made me ready?

Why did I come to Al-Anon when I did? Or, why didn’t I come sooner?

  • Not understanding alcoholism.
    • I didn’t grow up with alcoholism
    • I thought my loved one’s behavior was a choice
    • So she just had to fix it.
  • Denying the problem.
    • It was her problem.
    • Not mine.
    • She just needed to “drink normally.”
  • Not seeing the problem.
    • My behavior was out of control.
    • But I couldn’t see that.
    • I didn’t connect my behavior to the alcoholism
  • Resistance
    • Therapists at treatment centers suggested it to me.
    • “Not my problem”
    • 12 steps were off-putting
    • I’m FINE
    • Not relating to the video on codependency
  • Shame and isolation
  • So, what happened?
  • A “moment of clarity”
    • Yet another “friends and family day” at yet another treatment center.
    • “YOU didn’t cause it, YOU can’t cure it, YOU can’t control it.”
    • Recognizing that it was NOT mine to fix.
    • Recognizing that I was miserable.
    • The “20 questions
  • The “last resort”
    • What else is there? What can it hurt to try it? (Al-Anon)
    • Even then, I resisted. When a friend offered to take me to a meeting that night, I said “I need to think about it.”
    • I thought about it for maybe 30 seconds.
  • Did I get here “right on time”?
    • I’m glad I didn’t take longer to get here, anyway.

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In this episode, I mentioned the Intimacy open talks from last year.

Several listeners wrote in about Steve L's talk on fear, faith, and surrender. One asked if there are other talks by him available. I found his talk on the Recovery Radio Network, where there are other talks by people named Steve L. (But I haven't listened to them to know if they are the by the same person.)

1 comment on “Being Ready – Episode 189

  1. Kylie says:

    Another absolute cracking episode Spencer.
    God bless you. You are wonderful, your show is impacting my life in such a healing way.

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