Forgiveness is critical to recovery – Episode 174

What does it mean to forgive? Why do we talk of “finding” forgiveness? And who really gains from forgiveness?

  • What does forgiveness mean?
    • Dictionary
      Merriam Webster has this simple definition of the word forgive: “to stop feeling anger toward (someone who has done something wrong) : to stop blaming (someone)”
      And also this: “to give up resentment of”
    • To me?
  • How did I understand forgiveness before recovery?
    • Forgiving meant condoning the other person’s actions?
    • If I forgave someone, I had to like them, be ok with their company?
    • They had to apologize first?
    • If I forgave, I had to “forget”?
  • What new understandings of forgiveness did I discover?
  • One of the “gifts of Al-Anon” in From Survival to Recovery is this: “As we gain the ability to forgive our families, the world, and ourselves our choices will expand.”
    • How do I understand this gift?
    • How have I seen it happen in my life?
  • How does forgiveness help me?
  • What if someone did something truly unforgiveable?
    • How can I forgive them or their action?
    • Why would I want to?
  • What story or stories can I share about
    • Finding forgiveness
    • Having difficulty finding forgiveness
    • Forgiving without forgetting.
  • What would I say to a newcomer about forgiveness “the Al-Anon way”?

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Music from the show

Christina Aguilera: Hurt

Matthew West: Forgiveness

Parker Ainsworth: The Forgiver



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