The 4 M’s – Episode 84 redux

I see youHave you found yourself trying to do it all? Did you take care of your loved one’s problems? Do you try to force things to work out your way? Have you ever felt totally unappreciated?  The 4 M's are Managing, Manipulation, Mothering, and Martyrdom.

Spencer had a very full weekend, so please enjoy this “best of” episode.

Join Erika and Spencer as we talk about our experience with the “4 M's” and how the program has helped us to rely less on these crutches.

  • How do/did I try to manipulate others?
    • “Setting up” a situation
    • passive/agressive behavior
  • How do/did I try to manage and control my live and the lives of those around me?
    • How have I taken on responsibilities that were not mine?
    • Have I ever been called a control freak?
  • How do/did I mother others by “cleaning up” their problems, by doing things for them, etc?
  • How have I played the martyr. What did I hope to gain?
  • What tools does Alanon give us?
  • Inventory – recognizing my behaviors.
  • Loving detachment
  • Self care

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Music from the show

Pink Floyd – Mother


Taylor Swift – Picture to Burn


Depeche Mode – Martyr


1 comment on “The 4 M’s – Episode 84 redux

  1. Jamie says:

    Emily’s story was very touching, but very hard to hear…I missed some because the sound was bad.

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