The 4 L’s – Episode 133

4573663924_fc40cceefd_bIn recovery we listen to each other; we learn from each other’s experience strength and hope; we let go of our need to control others; and find love for them. These are the 4 L's.

Spencer and Pat discuss “listen, learn, let go, and love”, prompted by these questions.

  • Do you try to fix others if they are sharing a problem or difficulty?
  • Do you have to “be right” or have the last word in discussions or arguments?
  • Do you feel you have to convince others of your point of view?
  • When someone disagrees with you do you feel inadequate? do get angry or defensive?
  • Do you have difficulty moving from PAUSE to saying something that uses the THINK (Is what you are going to say Thoughtful, Honest, Intelligent, Necessary or Kind) principle?
  • What am I learning when I practice the 4 L’s?
  • What am I letting go of when I practice the 4 L’s?
  • How does listen and learn apply to Al-anon meetings?
  • Do you take care of everyone else’s needs before listening to and addressing your own?
  • Do others’ needs take priority before you care for yourself?

Upcoming topics include Surviving the Holidays, and Concepts 11 and 12. Please call us at 734-707-8795 or email with your questions or experience, strength and hope. Or just leave a comment right here.

Music from the show

Simon and Garfunkel: The Sound of Silence

Great Big Sea: Let it go

Rent: Seasons of Love



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