Life on Life’s Terms – Episode 118

At the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix.Sometimes life throws us a curve ball. How can we accept it and live life on life's terms?

Due to some technical difficulties, the episode we had planned for this week did not come together. Instead, I'm talking about taking life on life's terms. Or maybe it's about acceptance. Or about Higher Power moments.

Upcoming topics include Concepts 6 (The Conference acknowledges the primary administrative responsibility of the Trustees) and 7 (The Trustees have legal rights while the rights of the Conference are traditional). How might we interpret these in our personal lives? Cara suggested the topic of “Al-Anon dreams”. Share your dreams of relapse or recovery with us, and we'll make it a poly-voice episode. Eric thought that “laughter in recovery” would be a great topic. So do I! What do you think? Please call us at 734-707-8795 or email with your questions or experience, strength and hope. Or just leave a comment right here.

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