Isolation – Episode 96

aloneDo you revert to isolating in times of increased stress and difficulty? Do you find it harder to work your program at these times? Today we will talk about what isolation has meant to us.

Spencer and guest host Harriet discuss this topic, suggested by Harriet, following this outline and questions.

  • What is isolation?
    • Closing myself off from the outside world
    • Looking outward to fix an inward problem
    • Rejecting reality
  • What did isolation look like a year ago, now, etc.
    • Can take many forms, and could look like:
    • Pretending (hiding)
    • Self criticism (finding evidence that fits my conjecture that I'm  broken and alone)
    • feeding an obsession
    • Compulsive show watching (often a familiar show I've already watched, maybe b/c I need to have some certainty)
    • Compulsive podcast listening (not to broaden my perspective but to drown out my thoughts or emotions)
    • Avoiding connection with friends or Al-anon members (Anything that takes me further into my closed system)
    • Food
    • Being compulsively busy
  • Why do I isolate?
    • Shame (I hide my worst parts)
    • Disconnect between mind body and spirit.  I look outside myself to find the answer
    • I'm having a feeling I'd rather not be having and am afraid to look at myself
    • I believe my own conjecture
  • What helps?
  • Accepting where I am and my current reality
  • Trying one thing different to break my cycle
    • I need to make peace within myself before I can genuinely connect with others.  I think I need to share w others, but until I've reconciled within myself, I can be isolating right in the middle of a conversation
    • Writing— before I'm too far gone
    • Step 5 — a member or friend who I can share with (to acknowledge where I am)
    • A meeting
    • Meditation – breathing exercise
    • connection with a pet
    • Prayer
    • Brene Brown's TED talks
    • This podcast- suffering is optional, 3 A's, self-care
    • Inventory—why am I isolating?
    • Service
    • Self-care and self compassion

Our topic for next week is gratitude. Please call us at 734-707-8795 or email with your questions or experience, strength and hope. Or just leave a comment right here.

Music from the show

Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb

Mary Lambert – Secrets

Crowded House – Isolation

Ruth sent a link to a meditation app.

And Brian shared this brilliant video about “giving presence this holiday season“.

More Music

1 comment on “Isolation – Episode 96

  1. Jen says:

    I found this site about 2 weeks ago. Now I listen to one episode a day. I can’t believe how much each episode had to offer. This one really hit home. You revealed forms of isolation I never considered. Thank you both!

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