Recording Episode 76 – Loss – Live

We will be recording Episode 76 – Loss, live on Sunday, June 8 starting at 2PM EDT (which is 18 GMT). Please join us using this “listen live” link (also in the right sidebar). If you are on an iPhone, iPad or iPod, you will need to install the Mixlr app, then search in it for “The Recovery Show.” Once you have found us, you can click or tap on “Follow” so you don't have to search again (you will need to create a Mixlr account to follow us).  If you want, you can have Mixlr send you notifications when we go online, after you follow us.

1 comment on “Recording Episode 76 – Loss – Live

  1. Sharon C. says:

    Hi Spencer, et al… I think loss is a great topic, as I am of the firm opinion that over 80% of recovery is grief work- whatever the loss. We all need to deal with the grief of our past not looking like what we perceived other families to have, and until we come to terms with it we can become spiritually and emotionally ‘stuck’. Some program friends and I are starting a book group around the book- Opening our Hearts, Transforming our Losses. (Since I told my computer I want to type international English, there are places I have a hard time with quotation marks). This seems to be a good method of delving into the work of forgiving our families for real or perceived wrongs. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to participate in the live podcast, as I’m not home much before 1pm pacific time on Sundays- but I’m looking forward to listening to it later!
    Thanks for your service to all of us in cyberland, Sharon

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