Detachment – a “best of” episode – Episode 64

Early on, I was told to practice “loving detachment.” I already knew how to do “middle finger detachment,” but detaching with love was a foreign concept. In this “best of” episode from February 2013, Kelli, Swetha, and Spencer share their experience, strength, and hope about this complex topic.

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Music from the show

Simon and Garfunkel – I am a Rock

The singer seems not able to detach, and is instead distancing himself, walling off anything that might cause pain and missing out on love in consequence.

Sinead O'Connor – Back Where You Belong

I hear that she really wants to have him in her life (“you have to wear life well”), but recognizes that he has his own things to do, and “for now I want you to be happy.”


2 comments on “Detachment – a “best of” episode – Episode 64

  1. Lisa says:


    I’m fairly new to podcasts all together, and yours has helped me a great deal. Detachment. What a word! Detachment with Love? Yes please, how do I do that?
    Also, are there any tools for someone who’s loved one is a binge drinker? I’m told by this person AA isn’t effective because the need to drink every day is non-existent (sounds like an excuse to me…). I also don’t know how detachment works with such a drinker(?) as there are usually several weeks between episodes.

    Any advice is appreciated!

    Thank you for doing this beautiful thing, it has changed me.


    1. The Recovery Show says:

      Hi, Lisa
      One thing I have heard and say to others is that it doesn’t matter whether a person labels themself as an alcoholic — that is their decision. What matters is how their drinking affects us. We can find recovery no matter the label.

      Keep coming back!

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