Still here … and blessings

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I announced during episode 51 that I intended to put together the anniversary episode number 52, My Story, over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Well, that didn't happen (as I probably could have predicted.) In addition, I have encountered a few technical difficulties, and may be coming down with a cold. I think the technical problems are my Higher Power's way of reminding me that I need to take care of myself. So the episode will be delayed a day or two, but it is still happening.

As my wife and I were driving home from visiting my family, we listened to a series of talks by Tom W. titled “A Program of Attraction”. Towards the end, he talked about blessings. “What is a blessing?” he asked a rabbi from whom he was taking a class. The rabbi responded, “As you travel down life's road, anything that gets behind you and pushes your forward; anything that gets in front of you and grabs onto you and drags you ahead; anything that gets down deep inside of you and kicks and shoves and pushes until there is more room … anything that does that is a blessing. And lots of times blessings don't feel good. And lots of times you don't know they are blessings until much later. You look back at a situation that you knew would kill you and realize that it opened doors that you didn't even know were there.” (


3 comments on “Still here … and blessings

  1. Karla says:

    Thank you for posting this and the update 🙂
    Lots of love, strength and hope to you!

  2. Ruth G says:

    no worries Spencer,
    I wait patiently, not only because I can’t imagine to do this kind of service in my busy days.
    Some things need there time. 8)
    prayer & love for you

  3. Beth says:

    Feel better Spencer! The universe conspired against me too and I didn’t get my story submitted as I had hoped to. Sometimes you have to just let the way things are be okay, in a spirit of acceptance that your best really is good enough, eh? Best of luck working out the technical difficulties AFTER you’ve taken good care of Spencer. I’ve got a nix of tissues going from room to room with me at the moment as well. December is rough. All the best, and many thanks for your continued service. I’m with Ruth, I don’t know how you find the time but I’m sure glad you do! Sending healing vibes, Beth

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